What is CSA?

Basically, CSA is a subscription program. You sign up for a season, pay in installments or upfront, and then get 6 months of the freshest, hyper-local farm produce, for 22 weeks, from June - October.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It originated from the "teikei" movement in Japan, literally "food with the farmer's face on it" because that is how hyper-local it is.


You actually know the farmer that raised your produce, and where and how it was grown. You can shake the hand that cut your lettuce.


And we, the farmers, share with you the stories of the farm (with great pictures of course) - how the soil was prepared for planting, how the seeds were started in the greenhouse, how the weather affected that lettuce, and why it tastes better than anything you can buy from your local supermarket.  


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