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Easy-Breezy Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Yield: Serves 4 (2 rolls each)  


You don’t need to be exact on the quantity of each ingredient.

• 8 rice paper wrappers • About 32 mint leaves (4 each roll) • About 32 basil leaves (4 each roll) • 1 small bunch cilantro, chopped • 2 c zucchini or cucumbers or both, julienned or “spiralized” into noodles • 8 big leaves lettuce • ¼ c chopped peanuts (optional) • Other additions: carrots, bean sprouts

Peanut Sauce

This version is tarter than what is typically served in Thai restaurants.

• ¼ c raw almond butter or peanut butter • juice of 1 lime • 1-2 T tamari • 2 T maple syrup • 2 T coconut milk/coconut milk creamer • 1 T toasted sesame oil • water to thin to desired consistency • chopped peanuts (optional) • chopped red chilis (optional)

1. Mix all sauce ingredients together and set aside.

2. Organize roll assembly line of herbs and veg.

3. Place water in a shallow plate or pan and submerge one wrapper at a time into the water for 3-5 seconds. Do not leave for too long or it will get soggy.

4. Remove wrapper from water and place on dry towel.

5. In a strip, lengthwise a little above center: layer mint leaves, basil, cilantro then lettuce. Top lettuce with remaining ingredients.

6. Fold in short ends then fold in long edge and roll, burrito-style, tightly but gently.

7. Repeat with the remainder.

8. Serve immediately.  

Do not refrigerate unless you have experience doing this. If you have to wait to serve, cover rolls with a damp towel and then plastic wrap.

--adapted from Leah Lizarondo, The Brazen Kitchen via Pittsburgh Magazine

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