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A Midsummer CSA Share

Small Share from Mid-summer. See our showcase of shares here!


Benefits of CSA Membership:

  • 22-24 weeks delicious produce, June - early November, picked fresh daily, so you get the best in flavor and nutrition.
  • 100% Good Farm-grown, 100% certified organic, for your peace of mind.
  • 2 share sizes to meet your needs, plus members can add-on weekly items via the online store, CSA Extras.
  • Upick garden open to all members, 4 days/week seasonally, so you can enjoy a day on the farm picking flowers, berries, beans and more!
  • Extra shares to make it a one-stop-shop: Fruit, eggs, cheese, and coffee.
  • E-newsletter with cooking and storage tips as well as recipes, so you get the most from your share every week!
  • Pick up on-farm in beautiful Germansville or at convenient delivery locations throughout the Lehigh Valley.
  • When you know your farmer, you can trust your food.




  • Small share (most popular size, feeds 2+ adults) 7-8 items weekly. $625 ($643 if paid by credit card) approx. $27/week
  • Regular share (family size, feeds 4+ adults) 10-12 items weekly. $840 ($865 if paid by credit card) approx. $37/week


20% Deposit due at signup ($125 for small share, $168 for regular.)

Remainder: 4 payments in the same amount as the deposit; due March 30, April 30, May 30, June 30.  See Payment Plans for more info!


*Members can split shares with another family, alternating weekly pickup.

*Each membership gets 2 "vacation make-ups", 2 weeks to double up on a share to replace missed weeks. Members can switch pickup days as needed. See CSA Share FAQ's for more info!




CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE: 80% of members prefer the small share. It is suitable for couples, small families, etc. with an average of 7- 8 items weekly. An item could be a bunch of carrots, a head of lettuce, 6-8 oz. salad mix, 2 lbs tomatoes, 2 lbs potatoes, a melon, 2 zucchini, etc.

The small share is about 2/3 the size of the regular. We do not offer a half share because certain items, such as a melon or head of cabbage or lettuce, are not easily halved.


The regular share is for large size families, or for those who want to put up lots of produce for the winter months, with 10-12 items weekly.


Need more help? Check our CSA showcase of small shares, and the Typical Share Chart on the right. You can always start with a Small and upgrade to a Regular if you find you need more veg!


CHOOSING YOUR PICKUP LOCATION: Our sign-up page allows you to search for the closest site, by entering your home or work address. You can read more about the the differences between on-farm pickup and delivered shares here.  A list of our current pickup locations are below. All deliveries are on Thursdays, except Jim Thorpe, which is Wednesday.


 *** ON-FARM: Tuesdays- 1-6 pm and  Fridays 2-7 pm, *market style pick-up;  boxed share pickup on Saturdays 9 am - noon


* Market Style pickup: Members pick and pack their own shares. Set amount of staples (ie. tomatoes, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, carrots, etc.) plus selection of greens, and rotating choices of unusual or less popular veg. (think beets, turnips, radishes).


* Boxed Share: All the staples and usual favorites included weekly, plus a rotating selection of unusual or less common veggies.



  • Allentown, 2-6 pm, Mama Flowers Botanical Apothecary, 2358 Sunshine Rd. Allentown PA 18103. Host: Freedom Flowers, (610) 390-2789
  • Bethlehem, 2-6 pm, The Restoration Space, 406 Delaware Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Host: Lori Mikels,(484) 241-4220  
  • Hellertown, 2-6 pm, Doggy Dao & Cat's Meow, 1238 Main Street, Hellertown PA 18055.  Host: Julie Van Vliet, (610) 838-1900
  • Kutztown, 4:30-7:30 pm, Four Monkeys Coffee, 100 Constitution Blvd. Kutztown PA 19530. Host: Colleen & Chris Eugster (610) 223-0972
  • Trexlertown, 2-6 pm, Livewell Integrated Health, 8026 Hamilton Blvd. Breiningsville, PA 18031. Host: Jennifer Bollinger (610) 395-5509


  • Jim Thorpe, 4-6 pm, WEDNESDAY, Livewell Empowerment, 30 River St. Jim Thorpe PA 18229. Host: Patrick Holland  (570) 325-2154

* If you would like us to start a new pickup location, please contact us with your suggestion. We need a minimum of 10 shares to create a delivery site!




UPICK GARDEN: All members are welcome to visit the Upick garden to harvest their own berries, fresh flowers, herbs, peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and more during open farm hours. Upick crops are included in the cost of a CSA share, and amounts are set according to share size. *Delivered shares may receive 1-2 weeks of berries and 1-2 weeks of snap beans in their boxes, and may pick only the difference between U-pick allotment and delivered amount these weeks.

Open Farm Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 am - 7 pm. Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8am - noon.


EXTRA SHARES:  We partner with other local farmers and producers to offer "extra shares", to enrich the CSA experience and make a one-stop-shop of local foods for our members!

  • Fruit: 16 weeks of delicious local fruit: mouth-watering peaches, both yellow and white varieties; Bosc and Bartlett pears; and many different varieties of apples, including Honeycrisp, Keepsake, Liberty, Jonagold, and more, grown in Kempton, PA by County Line Orchards, with low-spray and IPM (pest monitoring and biological methods of control) (not organic).    Weekly share beginning mid-July: 16 weeks ($250)
  • Eggs: 1 dozen fresh, certified organic, pasture-raised eggs from Spring Creek Farms. You can see and taste the difference of truly pastured eggs in the beautiful orange yolks.     Weekly share:  20 weeks ($130)
  • Cheese: Biweekly share of 2 cheeses; ranging from artisan cave-aged cheeses to farmstead cheddars to fresh cheeses such as ricotta and Camembert-style, hand-crafted by Hillacres Pride Dairy. Cheddars and colbys are vacuum sealed and approximately 8 ounces. The artisan cheeses are usually close to 6 ounces. The quark will be 8 ounces, the flavored fresh cheeses are 5 oz and ricotta will be a whole pound. Cheeses are paired with what is in season for vegetables-Feta with greens, fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, ricotta with eggplant, etc.

    Hillacres Pride is a multi-generational family farm that has been raising certified Jersey cows on green grass pastures for many years, and making their own cheeses since 2003. Cows are fed hay and silage grown on the farm during the winter months, and are never given growth hormones or therapeutic antibiotics.   Biweekly share:  11 weeks ($135)

  • Bread: Every other week, receive a loaf of artisan bread baked in small batches in a wood-fired oven by Switchback Pizza Company. They grind locally, organically grown wheat berries from Red Cat Farm and mix it with their own custom flour blend to create awesome, naturally leavened bread.

    The standard Farmhouse: A great all around whole wheat/white wheat bread, will be rotated with other varieties including: Sesame semolina, Oatmeal, Grano Arso (wheat berries are toasted before grinding for a very unique tasting bread), Saison Rye (made with locally brewed Saison beer), and Walnut cranberry.

    This bread freezes beautifully. Because of the wood-oven baking schedule, breads will be fresh for Thursday delivery and Friday pickups, and will be fresh-frozen for Tuesday pickup and Wednesday delivery. Biweekly - 11 week season($70.00)

  •  Mushrooms: Beginning in fall, 10 deliveries of fresh, gourmet mushrooms from our local family farmers at Primordia Farm in Lenhartsville, PA, raised naturally and chemical-free. Varieties include shiitake, oyster, golden oyster, pioppino, lion's mane and maitake mushrooms.

    1/2 lb Mushrooms ($85.00)  1 lb Mushrooms ($150.00)

  • Coffee: Freshly roasted coffee, from our neighbors at Bake Oven Coffee Roasters, right here in Germansville. 12 oz per week, available as whole bean, or drip grind, your choice. Expect a diverse selection of seasonally available varieties, including Zambian, Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Guatemalan. Weekly share members receive a bonus-size bag or extra sampler-size bag monthly!

    *Note - Bag size increased from 2018, but price per ounce decreased!

    Price: $11/wk, $242 for weekly share, $121 for bi-weekly share

    PLEASE NOTE: This share is not available for Kutztown delivery! Wonderful fresh-roasted coffee can be purchased directly from Four Monkeys Coffee at Kutztown pickup!


Have more questions? Check out our list of FAQ's on CSA!

Or Contact Us Now! 
We are always happy to talk or email with you!


Shares "FAQ", Is CSA right for me? , When is tomato time?, Is Upick included?Why go local?



  1. Use the Sign up Now! link.
  2. Choose your vegetable share size.
  3. You can add-on any extra shares now if you want.
  4. Choose your pickup location.
  5. Choose your payment, deposit or full, check or credit card.


It's that easy! We will send you an email confirmation, thanking you for making a choice towards healthier eating today!


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Sample Shares


Small Share - spring

8 oz salad mix

8 oz kale

8 oz arugula or spinach

1 bunch radishes

1 bunch scallions

1 bunch beets

2 zucchini

6 garlic scapes


Regular Share  - spring

12 oz salad mix

14 oz kale

8 oz arugula or spinach

1 bunch radishes

1 bunch scallions

1 bunch beets

1 bunch turnips

3 zucchini

8 garlic scapes

Small share - summer

2 zucchini or  squash

2 cucumbers

2 lbs tomatoes

2 sweet peppers

1 melon

6 ears sweet corn

2 sweet onions

1 head garlic

1 lb carrots

1 lb potatoes


Regular share - summer

3 zucchini or squash

3 cucumbers

3 lbs tomatoes

3 sweet peppers

2 melons

8 ears sweet corn

3 sweet onions

2 heads garlic

1 lb carrots

1 lb potatoes

1 bunch chard


Small share - autumn

8 oz salad mix or spinach

2 heads broccoli

1 head cabbage

2 lbs sweet potatoes

2 lbs potatoes

1 butternut squash

1 head garlic

2 yellow onions


Regular share - autumn

12 oz salad mix or spinach

3 heads broccoli

1 head cabbage

3 lbs sweet potatoes

3 lbs potatoes

1 butternut squash

2 heads garlic

3 yellow onions

1 lb carrots



The Good Farm is a certified organic farm raising vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs for over 200 "farm share" members. Farmers John and Aimee Good specialize in providing the best quality and most flavorful varieties of the vegetables you love to eat- the staples! We have happy members - over 70% return every year!


Our customers say they eat healthier, feel better, save money, become inspired cooks, and even lose weight by joining the farm. Experience the joy of putting a delicious meal on the table by your own two hands. It's easy when the ingredients are this fresh and this good.


Support a type of farm that you can believe in; the kind you imagined as a child; where people pick the produce by hand, the soils are thriving, and the fields are full of life.


Become a CSA member today, it's the gift to yourself that keeps giving back! 

"Because The Good Farm makes you feel GOOD!"

8112 Church Rd.
Germansville, PA 18053
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