Member Agreement

By becoming a CSA Member, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions. 


SHARE PAYMENT: I agree to be the primary member for my share. As primary member, I am solely responsible for CSA share payment. I understand that the initial deposit is non-refundable, except in emergency ($25 handling fee is retained). I also understand that if I cannot continue my share in the harvest season (June-October), I will not be refunded the share price. The farm may issue a refund for shares cancelled prior to the start of the season (June 1), if a replacement can be found.


Full payment is required by July 1st of the CSA pickup season, or unless special arrangements have been made for late signups, or financial difficulty. Payments can be made in installments from the time of signup until July 1. Extended payment plans may be set up for late signups, in which case full payment must be made by September 1. If a CSA share is not paid in full by the stated deadline, the farm may withhold distribution/delivery of share until full payment is made. (Any payments returned by the bank for insufficient funds will be subject to a $25 fee.)


SHARE PICKUP & SCHEDULING: My household, any secondary members, and I are solely responsible for pickup of shares during the distribution hours at my pickup location. I am responsible for scheduling share holds and/or pick-up day switches, for vacations or other missed pickups, at least 48 hours prior to pickup day. It is the member’s responsibility to log into their account to make these changes at least 48 hours prior to pickup day, or to email the farmer at least 48 hours to pickup day.


MISSED SHARES: Missed shares may be held by pickup sites until the following morning, but this varies based on the capabilities of the site. It is the member’s responsibility to contact the site host the day of share pickup or the next morning, to arrange for pickup of missed shares, when possible.  Missed on-farm pickups may be made up later in the week at the farm, if arrangements are made with the farm via phone or email, for a last-minute pickup day switch.


Missed pickups may be counted towards a vacation hold. Every membership is allotted 3 vacation holds and corresponding double pickups to be used during the season. Vacation holds/double pickups do not carry over to the following season if they are not used. Any vegetables or extra shares not picked up and/or claimed during distribution hours may be donated to a local food bank, or other charity. "Extra shares" at on-farm pickup will be held for up to 1 week by the farm.  


OPEN FARM HOURS: For CSA share pickup, U-pick, and events at the farm, I agree to respect the farm property and take care to follow U-picking guidelines. I will supervise my children while at the farm. I agree to keep all pets on a leash. I will strive to maintain the quality of the fields, so that all can enjoy the farm events, pickups, and U-pick experience. For delivery sites, I agree to be mindful of the host site, and treat it with courtesy and respect, maintaining cleanliness and quiet.


COMMUNICATION:  I understand that important communications from the farm will be delivered via email and that opening these emails is my responsibility. The farm sends weekly harvest updates, as well as pickup reminders on pickup day, by email. The farm agrees to respond to email and phone communications within 5 days of receipt.  The farm agrees to alert all members via email at least one week prior to the start of CSA pickups.


SHARING REWARDS & RISKS: I recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming, there are no guarantees on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive. I am willing to share the risks and reap the benefits along with the farmers. If the year is especially abundant, the farm may provide product of exceptional quality and size, larger amounts of storage vegetables, and/or the opportunity to pick excess produce from the U-pick garden. If the year is a difficult one with intense pest, disease, and weather pressures, the farm may provide fewer items or items of lesser quality. If the farm experiences an extreme natural disaster, such as a flood or tornado, the farm may suspend or stop CSA share distribution for all or part of that season. 


Farm diversity helps to insure against crop failure. The farmers plant over forty different crops and at least twice that many varieties, and most crops are planted in succession throughout their growing season.  Every season is different because of temperatures, weather conditions, etc. and certain crops will thrive in a given year, while others do less well under the particular conditions.


Contents of the CSA share will vary throughout the season, and from year to year. In general, the good seasons far outweigh the bad, and members have the opportunity to share in the abundance of the farm. Some members want more items for canning or freezing. For those who do want more, the farm may provide bulk product or seconds at discount rates, when available. Availability and current discount pricing will be announced in the member e-newsletter.


COMMITMENT: The farmers truly appreciate the commitment members are making to join the farm, to nourish themselves and their families, and to connect directly to their food source. The farmers agree to do everything in their power to provide the members with an abundant and diverse supply of high quality produce weekly throughout the growing season.  

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