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Posted 6/27/2016 10:00am by John and Aimee Good.

Farm News

The youngest member of the farm crew, Lyle Good, is helping apprentice Laura seed beans in the Upick field. We seed beans every 2 weeks through the summer - a few kinds of green beans, a yellow bean, and the heirloom Dragon Tongue are back this season, as well as edamame (fresh soybeans.) Looking forward to picking these tasty treats soon! Watch for the first flowers in the patch closest to the herbs. After flowering, beans should be ready in 1-2 weeks. We have been irrigating the field crops, as the weather is sunny, dry, and windy and the soil needs additional moisture. We are hoping for some help from Mother Nature, a rain soon!


*Pastured poultry & pork shares, bread & mushroom shares this week! (Mushroom shares - blue-grey oyster mushrooms. These mildly flavored mushrooms are great sauteed with butter and served over pasta, or in soup, sandwiches, on pizza, etc.  )

*Fruit shares, which begin in August, are still available. For more info and to sign up click on the link. sure to select Quiet Creek Farm as your delivery location for your fruit share! SIGNUP DEADLINE IS JULY 1!

*Please check the Balance Sheet in the barn. All final balances must be paid by July 30th.


Cucumbers - new!

Garlic scapes

Salad mix

Scallions &/or Mini Purplette onions

Summer Squash & Zucchini

Hakurei turnips


CHOICE ITEMS: Red beets, head lettuce, kale, broccoli, mixed greens

COMING SOON:  Green Cabbage, Tomatoes, Carrots, Garlic

UPICK: Strawberries are done. Peas are mostly done. Sorry to see them go!

Herbs to pick this week - parsley, dill.

COMING SOON: Green beans, cut flowers, more herbs


Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 6/22/2016 7:19am by John and Aimee Good.

FRUIT SHARES from NORTH STAR ORCHARD: Sign up deadline is July 1st!

2 weeks left to sign up for the delicious fruit shares from North Star Orchard. Pickup begins in August.

North Star Orchard CSA Fruit Share is available for pickup here at the farm when you come to get your vegetables! The Fruit Share provides a weekly assortment of fabulously flavored tree fruits including peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, and Asian pears, as well as a few weeks with grapes. You can find out all about the Fruit Share directly on North Star Orchard's website. Here's the link: sure to select Quiet Creek Farm as your delivery location for your fruit share!


ALSO AVAILABLE: Check out all the Cooperative Shares available for pickup on your share day at Quiet Creek Farm . . .

Hill Acres Pride Cheese Shares

Pastured Poulty & Pork (sold out)

Local, whole-grain artisan bread

Local, wood-fired pizza

Gourmet, chemical-free mushroom

Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 6/20/2016 10:29am by John and Aimee Good.

Farm News

As there will be herbs available for cutting in the garden weekly, and the time to cut flowers is coming soon, here is a little guide with tips for harvesting herbs & flowers.  See the illustration to the right:

PARSLEY: Please just pick outer leaves from plants. Parsley will continue to grow for most of the season if harvested this way. Cutting off entire plant at the base removes the growing tip, and it cannot grow again.

DILL & CILANTRO: These plants are trying to make seed quickly, and we want to keep them in the leaf stage as long as possible. So here it is OK to cut them straight across at a low spot, but not completely at the ground. Cutting off any tall shoots helps to prevent seeding and promote vegetative growth.

BASIL: The basil will be ready for harvest in a few weeks. We begin by pinching off the top cluster to encourage branching in the plant. After the plants get bigger, we will harvest by cutting at a lower branch, but not at the base. If basil is cut off at the base it cannot regrow, as it has lost its growing tip. For the rest of the season, it is best to pick the branches, and be sure to remove flowering tops, to encourage it to keep growing leaves through the season, and not go to seed prematurely.

FLOWERS: At the start, please cut only down to the first branch, to encourage branching in the plant, and continued growth. As they get taller, you can cut down to next branch, for a longer stem, but do not cut at the base. Flowers that are cut down to the base will not re-grow, as the growing tip is gone.


*Cheese, bread & mushroom shares this week! (Mushroom shares - lions mane & shitake mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms coming soon. )

*Fruit shares still available. Check out our Cooperative Shares for more info and signup links. Fruit shares begin in August.

*Please check the Balance Sheet in the barn. All final balances must be paid by July 30th.



Garlic scapes -chop entire scape finely and saute like garlic. Slightly more mild flavor. Great in salad dressings, pesto, etc.

Salad mix

Greens choice: arugula, spinach, Asian spinach


Summer Squash & Zucchini (pic of summer squash plant on the right)

Red beets

Hakurei turnips &/or radishes

Napa Cabbage (possibly)  - (Also called Chinese Cabbage) Napa is a tender, juicy cabbage with thin leaves. Excellent for slaw or stir-fry. Search for recipes under Chinese Cabbage.

COMING SOON:  Green Cabbage, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green beans

UPICK: Sugar snap peas, strawberries, parsley, dill & cilantro. NOTE: cilantro is trying to go to seed. Cut all you like this week. Can be frozen or made into pesto.


Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 6/13/2016 10:19am by John and Aimee Good.

Storage tips for June: How to keep your fresh-picked veggies fresh at home!
*Roots, such as radish, turnip, beets, etc. are best stored in sealed container, such as Ziploc bag or green bags, in order to prevent drying out and becoming rubbery. I do not advise storing them loose in the crisper drawer.

*Greens, both loose greens and cooking greens, want to maintain some moisture to prevent drying out and wilting, but not so much as to cause them to become slimy. I recommend a few options:

1) Re-usable produce bags are great when stored in the crisper drawer. They allow some air flow, but not too much. Eco-friendly and convenient. Available online.

2) Re-use salad containers from grocery store, with paper towel in the bottom. Allows for some air space, but not too much. Easy to stack and see in fridge. Re-using is eco-friendly.

3) Gallon size ziploc bag, or other clear plastic bag, with paper towel in the bottom. Easy to see and easy to use. Can be washed out and air-dried to use again.

* When properly stored, your greens should remain fresh for at least a week. Roots should keep for 2-3 weeks.

SHARE the NEWS about Quiet Creek Farm Shares!

If you enjoyed your first CSA pickup, tell your neighbors and friends. We have 10 spots remaining in the CSA and we will continue to take new members for pro-rated shares through the month of June. 


Salad mix


Greens Choice:Arugula, Spinach, and/or Asian Spinach

Red radishes

Hakurei turnips

Scallions -new!

Upick: Sugar Snap Peas, Strawberries, Herbs: Cilanto, parsley, dill

*Check whiteboard in barn or on the side of the barn by stairs for amounts!

COMING SOON: Napa Cabbage, Red Beets, Zucchini



*COOPERATIVE SHARES THIS WEEK: Pizza, bread, mushroom shares this week! Please check off your name on the appropriate sign-in sheet and retrieve your shares from the cooler, freezer, or display hutch. Please ask if you need help!

*Some cheese & meat shares and pre-orders were not picked up last week. They will be held in the freezer & cooler for you. Please get them this week!


Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 6/6/2016 11:58am by John and Aimee Good.

First CSA Pickups This Week - Tuesday June 7th and Friday June 10th! Hours are 1-7 pm.

June is the month of greens! Fresh spring greens are the perfect cleansing and nutritious food after the winter. We will also have radishes, Hakurei turnips, cabbage, garlic scapes this month. The beets, zucchini, and summer squash usually come in by the end of June.



Salad mix Our special salad mix is cut from mini heads of multi-leaf (very dense) lettuces, for the best flavor, texture, crunch, and keeping quality!

Arugula This is a spicy salad green, which pairs well with fruit, mild cheese, and nuts for a delicious salad. It can also be very-lightly sauteed, or wilted into pasta dishes, eggs, etc. Try Arugula pesto for a a nice dip or spread. (Click link. Then type into search box on recipe page to find!)

SpinachThere is nothing quite like the flavor of farm-fresh spinach. Saute this lightly for a melt-in-your mouth delicious green dish. It is great with pasta, eggs, in quiche, in soup, etc.

Kale Wash leaves. Cut or strip out center rib. Stack leaves and chop in thin ribbons. Saute with garlic and olive oil, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and serve. Or try the new favorite - Kale Chips - even our kids gobble them up!(Click link. Then type into search box on recipe page to find!)

Bok choy Separate leaves by cutting off stem and wash thoroughly. Chop stems and greens. Cook stems first, until just crisp-tender, then add greens and cook only until wilted.Delicious sauteed with ginger and garlic, or olive oil, lemon, and salt (my favorite). It is also great in broth-based soups such as Miso or Chicken noodle soup. 

Hakurei turnips (pictured right)This special Asian variety of turnip is quite mild and almost sweet. Slice thinly for salad or stir-fry. Roast in the oven: cut into halves or quarter, toss with olive oil and salt, and bake at 425 for about 20 minutes, until tender. Roasting carmelizes the sugars in the turnips and is a real treat.

Red radishes  Their flavor is a bit spicy from the hot weather last week.

Upick: Strawberries, Herbs: Cilanto, parsley; Peas?-possibly

*Check whiteboard in barn or on the side of the barn by stairs for amounts!

COMING SOON: Scallions, Napa Cabbage, Red Beets, Zucchini



*Breads from the Daily Loaf will be available for purchase and to sample this week. You can still sign up for bread shares, which will be pro-rated and start next week. Signup sheet will be in the barn, with samples of bread for tasting. 

*Mushrooms from Primordia Mushroom Farm will be available for purchase, and you can still sign up for Mushroom Shares, which will be pro-rated and start next week! Signup sheet will be in the barn, with sample mushrooms on display.

*Please check the Balance Sheet in the barn. All final balances must be paid by July 30th.

*COOPERATIVE SHARES THIS WEEK: Cheese, chicken, pork, bread, mushroom shares this week! Please check off your name on the appropriate sign-in sheet and retrieve your shares from the cooler, freezer, or display hutch. Please ask if you need help!

*If you missed the CSA Pickup Instructions Email last week, check it out here on our News & Blog page.

Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 6/3/2016 6:13am by John and Aimee Good.


The first strawberries are ripening in the fields. We expect there to be a nice amount to pick next week. However, members are also welcome to come out this Saturday morning to pick a pint box of berries, of the first sampling. We will have boxes on the side of the barn, by the stairs, or bring your own. Strawberry patches - 2 this year - are up the gravel path under the trees, by Siegfriedale Rd. Follow past the pea patch until you see the Farm sign. The old patch is there and the new patch is just beyond it. You will see it from the far ends of the beds.

We are hosting our first weeding party this Saturday from 8 am to noon. We will be weeding spinach and carrots. What makes it a party, is having a bunch of people enjoying the scenery, the companionship, and the day, as well as getting to sample the first strawberries ripening in the old patch! Looks like there will be nice picking for Upick next week.

Feel free to join us if you are willing and able. If you come after 8, just park in the usual area, across from street from the barn, and walk up the gravel road towards the hoophouse. Look for our tan pickup truck in the far fields, up by the tree-line or orchards. Feel free to bring your own gloves and/or weeding tool if you like. We will also have some extras.

Thanks! Hope you can make it!


Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 5/31/2016 1:12pm by John and Aimee Good.

Please click on the 2016 Member List to double check your pickup day and/or share size. Any questions or problems, please let me know!

Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 5/31/2016 12:33pm by John and Aimee Good.

Welcome new and returning members to our 2016 season. This is Quiet Creek Farm’s 11th year and we are pleased that a fair number of you have been with us since the beginning. 70% of members have returned from 2015. We looking forward to welcoming back old members and meeting new ones next week!  The first CSA pickup is Tuesday June 7th and Friday June 10th!

We have had an unusual spring, with warm, dry weather in April, a very cold 3 weeks in early May, and finally a heat wave at the end. The cool season crops had a slow start with the cold temperatures, then then got a shock from the rapid switch to summertime heat and humidity, as well as the summertime pests which arrived early this year. It seems the zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. may come in early, if this weather holds up.

We expect to have a nice mix of greens for you next week - salad greens, spinach, kale, etc. as well as radishes and bok choy and possibly turnips or Napa cabbage. And most exciting - strawberries! The plants look great and are loaded with fruit.

We would like to give you a brief introduction or review of the CSA pickup routine. Pick-up is at the large red and stone barn which sits close to Siegfriedale Road at the Rodale Institute. There is a Quiet Creek Farm sign in front of the barn. The double barn doors facing the road will open at 1 PM. Opening time is often very busy, so if you can come a bit later you’ll have less of a wait. Closing time is 7 PM. Please arrive by 6:45pm to allow time to select your share.

Parking is across the road from the barn in the meadow to the right of the gravel farm road. There is limited parking at the side of the barn to be used only by those with mobility issues or those with a sleeping child in the car. Please enter the barn through the double doors (even if you parked at the side) and check off your name at the table to your left.

Vegetable selection is self-serve. Each veggie will be in a bin or basket with a tag in front telling you how much you get according to your share size. Please bring with you one or two bags in which to carry home your veggies. Later in the season you will need 3-4 bags. We strongly encourage you to bring cloth tote bags, baskets or coolers to transport your share. For  As a back-up, I suggest you put some plastic store bags in all of the cars you may drive to the farm. That will cover you on the days that you forget your bags. There is also a bin of recycled plastic bags in the barn for members to "bring some, take some" as needed.

If you prefer to bag all your veggies separately, please bring enough bags to do so. For our salad mixes and other tender greens, we recommend re-usable produce bags. These can be washed and re-used many times. They are great for transport and storage in the crisper drawer of the fridge. I like the Simple Ecology, Ecobags, or Flip & Tumble, but there are many kinds out there! Also, saving and re-using the plastic containers in which salad mixes are sold in stores is a good method to transport tender greens.

For the U-pick garden, we provide pint and quart containers to measure your berries and produce, but we ask that you transfer to your own container to take home. Measuring containers should be returned to the barn for others to use. Please bring a pair of scissors to cut U-Pick herbs and flowers (we have loaners if you forget). Once the flowers are ready, you will need some sort of container to carry them home with a drink of water. Initially, when the harvest is just a few stems a cut off water bottle does well.

Fruit, chicken, cheese, bread, mushrooms, and pizza shares are all self-serve. Each will require checking off your name on a list. The chicken and pizzas are frozen, so please bring an appropriate carrier. You may still add some of these extra shares, if you missed out. Please inquire in the barn or see our Cooperative Shares page for more info.

CSA members are also able to purchase locally raised goods in the barn, including pasture-raised eggs & meats, Wild Alaskan salmon, honey,  and all natural dairy products such as yogurt, greek yogurt, kefir, cheese spreads, ricotta & mozzarella cheese, and aged hard cheeses. All these items are self-serve. We accept cash or checks, but not credit cards.

The U-Pick items available for picking and their amounts are listed on the whiteboard above the cash register. For those of you who want to pick before we open, another whiteboard near the stairs at the side of the barn will list the same information. The listing will be there by 12PM on pick-up days. One of our farm crew members will periodically come through the U-Pick to answer any questions or help with identification. If you are unable to enjoy the U-Pick garden on your pick-up day, you can come back any time except Sunday mornings to get your weekly share. The amounts will still be listed on the outside whiteboard.

Please read the Vacation and Missed PIckup Policy below. We recommend that you print this page or bookmark it from the website,  and keep it for future reference.

We look forward to seeing you next week and every week until November. See you soon with a smile on our faces!

Farmers: John and Aimee Good

Barn helpers: Heidi Cooper, Kay Good

Farm crew: Michelle Kenstler, David Hopkins, Laura Ridenour, and Amanda DeAngeles


  Vacation/Missed Pick-up Policy

Farm members have several options for vacations and missed pick-ups. They are as follows:

1) At any time, you may have a friend or neighbor pick up your share for you on your regular pickup day. Please have them check in when they come to the barn.

2) At any time, you may switch to the other pickup day of that week, but we do ask that the switch be scheduled in advance of your normal pickup day. Please schedule in the barn the week before your switch or send an email to

3) You may have ONE scheduled double pickup per season, either the week before or the week after your vacation. Double pickups MUST be scheduled one week in advance.

4) In the event of an unplanned missed pickup due to an emergency, you may use your one double pickup the following week. Please schedule your double pickup as soon as possible after missed pickup.

5) If you miss a pickup for any other reason, you simply forfeit that week.

Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 5/23/2016 12:56pm by John and Aimee Good.


Crops are growing more slowly this spring, because of the un-seasonably cold weather this May. More sunny days and warmth like today will help!

So we will start CSA share pickup on Tuesday June 7th and Friday June 10th. Share pickups will continue weekly through the first week of November. Hours are 1-7 pm. Next week we will send another email with complete pickup details and instructions.

So far, the crops are growing well, albeit slower than normal, but we expect to have kale, bok choy, arugula, turnips, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and strawberries in the first weeks of the season!

 Here the crew is transplanting lettuce, with a little help from our son Lyle. We plant lettuce every week to ensure we have a consistent supply through the spring! We are hoping to extend the season into the summer this year, with the use of white plastic to reduce soil temperatures.

Now, in case you missed out on any of our "Cooperative Share" opportunities, there is still time to sign up. Check out all the options below.

Pastured Poultry & Pork Shares :

Chicken and Pork shares from Ledamete Grass Farmraised on pasture and forest forages as well as locally & organically raised grain. Online registration: Specific share details (including pricing, cuts available, average weights, etc.) available on the registration form!

Wood-fired Pizza Shares

Monthly Shares of frozen, locally-made wood-fired pizza are provided by Switchback Pizza Company. These delicious pizzas feature local produce and cheeses, and are hand-made in wood-fired pizza oven. Sign up and send payments directly to Switchback Pizza.


The Fruit Share provides a weekly assortment of fabulously flavored tree fruits including peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, and Asian pears. You can find out all about the Fruit Share directly on North Star Orchard's website. Here's the link:


Located in Lancaster County, Hill Acres Pride has registered Jersey cows raised on pasture in the warmer months, and hay and silage grown on the farm in the winter months. The cows are not given growth hormone or antibiotics. Their cheeses range from cheddars and colbys to artisan cheeses such as Susquehanna and Cave Aged Arcadia, as well as fresh cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella, cream cheese, and flavored fresh cheeses such as tomato-basil, or honey. For more information, see Hill Acres Pride CSA Shares.

*The following shares (mushrooms, bread, and We-pick) can be ordered directly from Quiet Creek Farm by sending an email with name, desired share, and pickup day.


Gourmet mushrooms, raised naturally and chemical-free by our friends at Primordia Farm in Lenhartsville, PA. Varieties include trumpet, shitaake, crimini, and oyster mushrooms. Available in 1/2 lb or 1 lb per week sizes.

Half Share (1/2 lb/wk) ($132.00)

Regular Share (1 lb/wk) ($242.00)


Artisan breads from The Daily Loaf: hand-formed, whole-grain artisan loaves are baked fresh daily. Made from organic flour, water, salt and sourdough culture. Available in Regular or Specialty Loaves, sliced or whole: REGULAR: Plain breads with no frills with a focus on whole grains: Whole Wheat, Spelt Wheat, Whole Rye, Multi-grain. SPECIALTY: Varieties vary as to what is in season: Blueberry, Kale, Basil, Beet Wheat, Sweet Potato, Onion, Seeded, Garlic Scape, Roasted Tomato, Zucchini Fennel.

Regular share - $126.00 for 21 weeks

Specialty share - $147.00 for 21 weeks


Based on member requests, we are offering a new share for those of you who have limits on your time or physical ability to utilize the U-pick garden (which is already included in your share price). The "We-pick" share includes a sampling of the weekly U-pick items, including berries, peas, green beans, paste tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, edamame, as well as some herbs and flowers, picked for you by the farm crew. Ready for pickup when you get your vegetable share. Please note: This share will be limited to 10 members per pickup day. Cost is $225 for the season.


Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Posted 5/19/2016 12:55pm by John and Aimee Good.

Please see the message below from our Cooperative Share partner, Ledamete (let 'em eat) Grass Farm, about their pastured poultry & pork shares.

Pastured Chicken& Pork Shares Available!

Ledamete Grass Farm Shares On Sale Now- Reserve Yours Today!
Chicken and Pork shares from Ledamete Grass Farm- raised on pasture and forest forages as well as locally & organically raised grain- delectable meat! A variety of share sizes and cuts available!

Purchasing a chicken and/or pork share is a great way to enjoy nutrient dense, delicious, organically raised meat at a reasonable price AND support a local family farm!

Shares will be available for pick up at Quiet Creek Farm during your regular veggie share pick up day. 

To pick up at Quiet Creek Farm you MUST be a Quiet Creek member! Pick up at Ledamete Grass Farm in Schnecksville is open to the public.

How Do You Sign Up? 
Visit our online registration: Specific share details (including pricing, cuts available, average weights, etc.) available on the registration form!


Want More Info?

There's LOTS of information in this email and on the sign up page but if you still want more, check out our website or Facebook page, email us, or give us a call! 

Why Join? Here's what our members say...

Amazing flavor and nutrition! Because of their constant access to pasture, their tender and flavorful meat is nutrient-dense and high in omega-3 fatty acids.
Locally & Organically Grown!  
The chicks are from a hatchery in Quakertown; the pigs are born on the farm; the grain is organically grown (non-certified) and milled in Oley; the chickens are raised and processed in Schnecksville; and the pigs are raised in Schnecksville and processed in Richlandtown. It doesn't get much more local than that!
It's so convenient!
You can pick up your shares at Quiet Creek Farm while you are picking up your veggie share!
Know your Farmer!
You can connect with your food and the people who raise it. Rob and April live and work on the farm every day. They are happy to answer questions and to share the latest news from the farm.
Access to Artisanal Products
You can order other Ledamete Grass Farm products, including but not limited to handmade pork sausages, no-nitrate bacon cured w/only Celtic Sea Salt and organic Rapadura sugar, grass-fed ghee, and more!
Availability and Consistency
CSA members receive shares for 6 months of the year, with an option to stock up in the fall for the winter months.
“Just Right” Share Sizes and Options
You can choose from various share sizes as well as whole, halved or pieced chickens . If none of the share sizes are a perfect fit, custom shares are available too!
Delicious Seasonal Recipes!
You will receive monthly emails with lots of seasonal recipes and tips for getting the most out of your products.

Don't buy food from strangers! Know your farmers!

Your Farmers,
April and Rob Fix
Ledamete Grass Farm

Want to Know More About What Members Say? 

Read Ledamete Grass Farm Reviews...

"Hands-down, best chicken ever!"

"Your chickens are flavorful and juicy and even more importantly we know they were raised the right way, not in some factory farm."

"While I always appreciated buying farm raised poultry whenever possible, I never would have imagined just how much better these pastured chickens could taste. I've met Rob and you can feel the integrity and passion he has for his work. It shows in the excellent flavor of the chickens."

"Best chickens and pork our family has ever tasted!"

"For a year I contemplated investing in the the chicken share and I am so glad we did. The chickens are better quality than the organic supermarket birds I had been purchasing. I always wondered how the supermarket birds were really treated, but I don't worry about the integrity of Ledemete Farm. Each month we also have the option to purchase pork products and we are LOVING the bacon and sausage, as well as the new experience of cooking and baking with lard (amazing texture and taste!). We could not be happier with the food and the service from Rob and April. If you are looking for local pork and poultry, look no further!" 

"We are so fortunate to be able to obtain chicken and pork from Ledamete Grass Farm through our Pennypack Farm CSA. Last year we tried a small chicken share and were surprised how much different grass fed free range chicken tastes. So moist, flavorful, and fresh we increased our share for this year. Now we have the opportunity to get the turkey and pork products too. We are in hog heaven. I thought the chickens were great, the pork blew us away! Lean, light, flavorful, the most amazing pork we have ever had. The thought and care Rob and April give to raising their livestock is admirable and their hard work is reflected on the fork. We are proud to support local farms and organic practices. We tell everyone we know about being responsible and knowledgeable about where their food comes from. Support local, support your health, and if your lucky enough to have the opportunity to try Ledamete, do it! Yum, yum, yum!!!! "

For more reviews, check out Ledamete Grass Farm's listing on and/or our Facebook page!.
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Ledamete Grass Farm
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Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

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