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Trialing new Fruit & Veggie Varieties on the Farm!

Posted 8/20/2019 9:44am by John and Aimee Good.

New Heirloom Tomatoes, Orange Watermelon, Mini- Cheese Pumpkins - so many successful veggie trials this year!

Every year we trial several new varieties of vegetables. We search for delicious, exciting, and productive varieties for the shares, and small field trials are the best way to determine what works AND tastes great!  We love to keep the shares interesting with lots of variety each week!

Some new heirloom varieties are coming in!  Look for these tomatoes of unusual shapes and colors. They may be softer and/or a bit ugly, but they are exceptionally delicious!


Eat them within 1-2 days and enjoy truly amazing flavors! Our favorite varieties this year include Orange Jazz (large orange tomato with very sweet flavor), Cherokee Carbon (dark purple-green tomato with smoky flavor) and Grandma's Pick (deep red tomato with fluted edges with very rich tomato flavor).


Our favorite new melon - New Queen!  This beautiful bright orange melon has gorgeous color and flavor!  Below, the farm crew enjoys a quick melon break after a HUGE melon harvest. We have to taste-test the trials after all - And this is a real winner!

We will be planting more of this one next year. A very thin rind means more lovely flavor in a small melon. It has a light green, striped skin. There were a few of these in the harvest last week, and a few more this week . . .  Maybe you'll get lucky!

The cutest lil' pumpkin you ever saw -  New mini-Long Island Cheese Pumpkin!


Do I need to say more? While we were bringing these in for curing yesterday, I couldn't help thinking about fall and pumpkin pie! 

Limited quantity of 2nds tomatoes this week. Still plenty of cukes for pickling.  

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Salad Mix, hopefully! (Hot weather keeps the yields on salad mix low, but we keep trying!)

Red &/or Heirloom tomatoes

Melons (Watermelon and/OR Muskmelon) Last big watermelon harvest, but more muskmelons on the way!

Red potatoes

New -Green slicers &/or Silver slicers

Sweet onions



Possibly eggplant, carrots and/or peppers

Coming Soon: Sweet peppers, yellow sweet corn, arugula

EXTRA SHARES: Eggs, Fruit, Coffee shares this week! Mushrooms start next week!

FRUIT SHARES: Peaches should be taken out of the bag and left out on the counter to soften for best flavor. Varieties this week - Summer Pearl white peaches! 


Upick at the Farm:  Herbs - Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Sage, Marjoram & Parsley-  pick as needed

Cherry tomatoes - 1 pint-1 quart per share

Paste tomatoes - 1 quart per share

Hot peppers - Jalapeno, Hot Wax, and Cayenne

Cut flowers - 15 stems per share

U-PICK GARDEN HOURS: Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 am - 7 pm. Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 9 am - noon. 

*We got the harvest wagon out yesterday to bring in 2 full loads of melons, and 2 loads of winter squash for curing in the greenhouse! Farm apprentice David Darling snaps a shot with Aimee & Kailey smiling in the background.

Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

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