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The Aftermath of the Storm

Posted 3/5/2018 1:12pm by John and Aimee Good.

We were very worried about the greenhouse and the high tunnel surviving the extremely strong winds, beginning on Friday. On Friday morning, John and I abandoned our plans for greenhouse seeding, and spent the morning fighting the intense winds to install webbing straps crossing the greenhouse from all sides, in hopes of keeping the plastic on the structure through the storm.

Well, the plastic did mostly stay on the greenhouse.

What we were not expecting at all, was for wind to funnel down the field in a spiral, and lift the barn roof, as well as all the posts of the front lean-to, and toss it in the air, to land in the field behind the barn. Our neighbors witnessed the event, which happened in an instant.

John had been walking behind the barn to check on the greenhouse (for the umpteenth time) about 10 minutes prior.

We are so grateful that he was not behind the barn when the roof came off and landed in a heap there.


Above left, the front of the barn, missing the front lean-to and the roof. Above right, the back of the barn, a bit of roof still hanging onto the back lean-to, but the entire top is gone.

Below left, a crew of family, neighbors, and friends came to help us clean up. Below right, a view from inside the barn, looking up.

 The only damage to the greenhouse was sustained by the roof hitting it as it fell, bending the vent pipes and fan louvers, as well as gashing and ripping the plastic in several places. We are patching and repairing as we can now, but will have to replace both plastic layers on the greenhouse at some point in the season, when it is feasible to do so.

As we have been without power and keeping the greenhouse warm with portable propane heaters, we were lucky to be able to send the most delicate plants, the early tomatoes, along home to the greenhouses of our farmer friends for the time being.

We did get power restored today, and are working to get the greenhouse back in order as soon as possible.

We are in contact with our insurance company to arrange to fix the barn, and in the meantime are working with a local contractors to fasten giant tarps on the roof.

We thank you for your support and understanding. Please be aware we may be a bit slower to attend to other matters as we are dealing with this.

We also want to say that, although we are feeling stressed by this ordeal, especially in light of snow in the forecast, we also feel extremely lucky. Lucky that John was not behind the barn when this happened; lucky to have such a good community of neighbors, farm friends and family who came together to help us when we needed it; and lucky to have the support of our members, who are with us for the long haul of each growing season.


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

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