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So what it's in a CSA share? (We answer this common question!)

Posted 1/25/2018 10:43am by John and Aimee Good.

When I get my weekly CSA (yes, even as a farmer, I pick up my own weekly CSA share!) I feel just like I am opening a present! A beautiful bounty of colorful, delicious produce is inside. Ideas for the weekly menu begin to swirl around in my mind. This share from the summer (pictured below) is full of the favorites:sweet corn, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, salad mix, and more.

Hmm . . . , grilled sweet corn, tomato cucumber salad, zucchini fritters, and watermelon for dessert anyone?

As we move through the seasons, the harvest changes as well. The great thing about CSA is that you don't get bored! Every vegetable is not available all the time. In the spring, we are so excited for the CSA season to start, and can almost taste the fresh crisp lettuce! Then June arrives, and we begin to feast on strawberries, fresh spinach and lettuce, spring onions, and bright green broccoli.

Just as we are about to burst with greens, the early summer crops begin to come in - juicy cucumbers, tender zucchini, crisp carrots, sweet red beets.

Still, we eagerly anticipate the first ripe tomatoes! Finally, usually around the 4th of July, our patience is rewarded with the deliciousness of truly sun-ripened tomatoes. And then it just comes rolling in;  sweet corn, peppers, summer squash, sweet onions, fresh garlic, melons, and more and more tomatoes!

And again, we eat our fill of the summer bounty, and as we are reaching the saturation point, the fall crops come in - salad greens, broccoli and cabbage, carrots and beets, pumpkins and winter squash, and more.

Eating with the seasons is a wonderful adventure in taste. It is also great for your body. Mother Nature is one smart lady! Springtime greens are the perfect thing to clean out our systems after the long winter season of colds and flu. Summer's juicy fruits (think cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, etc.) are great for re-hydration - who needs Gatorade - just eat a melon! The hearty roots and greens of autumn fill our bellies and nourish us deeply, with warming soups, stews, and sweet roasted roots, perfect on cold windy days.


So, are you getting excited looking at those beautiful vegetables? I know I am!   Want to SIGN UP NOW?

But wait . . . , I have one more thing to share with you- our Harvest Calendar!

To download a pdf, click here: Printable Harvest Calendar

To view it online, click here: Online Harvest Calendar


P.S.. Watch your inbox for another email coming soon. I will explain the differences between the 2 share sizes AND give you all the details: prices, payment plans, pickup sites, add-ons, and more!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

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