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Quiet Creek Farm CSA pick-ups begin June 4th and 7th!

Posted 5/21/2013 11:50am by John and Aimee Good.

CSA Pickups Begin Tuesday June 4th and Friday June 7th!

The spring has been cool thus far, especially in contrast to the past two years where we reached upper 80s in April! The plants are growing more slowly, but in general the crops look very good. And although we had a low of 25 F at the farm after Mother's Day, we did not incur too much damage. John installed temporary heaters in the tomato hoophouse, and we put out all the row covers we have on the field crops. Sadly, the early strawberry blossoms were hit hard by the freeze, and the harvest will likely be diminished.

We do expect to have a nice share for the first week of June. The arugula, french breakfast radishes, Hakurei turnips, meslun mix, spinach, and lettuce should all be ready for harvest. But more information will follow in the first Harvest Update. For now we would like to welcome you to the start of the season!

Heidi's Annual Welcome Letter

Welcome everyone to our 2013 season. The season has had a chilly start, but we are hoping for smooth sailing from here on. No doubt there will be some surprises with the weather (think rain and a muddy U-pick garden), but we are hoping for a typical Lehigh Valley summer.

Your first farm pick-up day is just about here and I imagine you are all as eager as I am for it to arrive. All of us at the farm are looking forward to meeting the new members of our Quiet Creek Family and seeing the familiar faces of our returning members. I’m particularly interested to see how many new “organic” babies arrived during the off- season.
Many of you know me quite well by now. I am Heidi Cooper, distribution manager (a.k.a. “Heidi at the barn”). For our new members: I am the one wearing the temporarily white apron and a crooked name tag. Look for me if you need help or have questions about the pick-up process or any of the veggies and/or how to use them. You will most likely encounter some new veggies, so don’t hesitate to ask. There will be a helper with me each of the pick-up days and they also will assist you. On Tuesdays it will be our new volunteer, Toni, and on Fridays it will be a member of the field crew. They are a good source for answers to any specific farming questions you may have.                           

 In order for your first day to go more smoothly, I will briefly introduce you to the routine. Pick-up is at the large red and stone barn which sits close to Siegfriedale Road at the Rodale Institute. There is a Quiet Creek Farm sign in front of the barn. The double barn doors facing the road will open at 2PM. Opening time is often very busy, so if you can come a bit later you’ll have less of a wait. Closing time is 7PM. At that time I begin to put the remaining veggies in the cooler. To be guaranteed a good selection, I suggest that you try to arrive by 6:45.

 Parking is across the road from the barn in the meadow to the right of the gravel farm road. Please park only on this side, not on the side of the U-pick garden. This makes the area around the garden safer for all of us. There is limited parking at the side of the barn to be used only by those with mobility issues or those with a sleeping child in the car.

 Please enter the barn through the double doors (even if you parked at the side) and check off your name at the table to your left. Vegetable selection is self-serve. Each veggie will be in a bin or basket with a tag in front telling you how much you get according to your share size. Please bring with you one or two bags in which to carry home your veggies. Later in the season you will need 3-4 bags. We strongly encourage you to bring environmentally friendly non-plastic bags or baskets. Insulated bags or coolers are also a great idea, especially for the summer months. If you have re-usable store bags, store them in your car so you’ll always have them available. If you prefer to bag your veggies separately, please bring enough bags to do so. I will have some plastic bags available, but often run out. You will also need a pair of scissors to cut U-Pick herbs (we have loaners if you forget). For our salad mixes and other tender greens, we recommend the plastic containers in which salad mixes are sold in stores. They protect your greens on the ride home and provide a good storage method, particularly with a paper towel on the bottom and on the top. These containers also do a good job of keeping other veggies. Once the flowers are ready, you will need some sort of container to carry them home with a drink of water. Initially, when the harvest is just a few stems, a cut off water bottle does well.

At the present time, the U-Pick garden has only the perennial herbs available. That will change very soon. Those items available for picking and their amounts are listed on the whiteboard above the cash register. For those of you who want to pick before we open, another whiteboard near the stairs at the side of the barn will list the same information. The listing will be there by 1PM on pick-up days. One of our farm crew members will periodically come through the U-Pick to answer any questions or help with identification.

The Cooperative Share pick-ups are self-serve. Be sure to check off your name on the appropriate sheet when getting your share. Chicken, cheese, egg, and bread shares begin in June, while the fruit share begins in August. We will be offering a new wood-fired pizza share, as well as a monthly market with Ledamete Grass Farm's pastured poultry and forest-raised pork. More to come about that later. We also have the following items for sale during pickup hours: pasture-raised poultry, grass-fed beef, wild alaskan salmon, honey, vinegars & hot sauces, and natural dairy including yogurt, smoogurts and cheeses. All these items are self-serve.

It would be a good idea if you printed this page and kept it for future reference, particularly since our missed pick-up and vacation policies are attached at the end. (The Vacation/Missed Pickup Policy is also on our website.)

We look forward to seeing you the first week of June and every week until November.

See you soon.


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

Vacation/Missed Pick-up Policy 

Farm members have several options for vacations and missed pick-ups. They are as follows:

1) You may have a friend or neighbor pick up your share for you on your regular pickup day. Please have them check in with Heidi when they come to the barn. 

2) You may switch to the other pickup day of that week, but the switch must be scheduled one week in advance. Please schedule with Heidi in the barn the week before your switch. If you forget, please email Aimee at farmers@quietcreekfarmcsa.com.

3) You may have ONE scheduled double pickup per season, either the week before or the week after your vacation. Double pickups MUST be scheduled one week in advance.

4) In the event of an unplanned missed pickup due to an emergency, you may use your one double pickup the following week. Please schedule your double pickup as soon as possible after missed pickup.

5) If you miss a pickup for any other reason, you simply forfeit that week.    

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