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Meet your new potential farmers! The Good Farm!

Posted 1/23/2018 8:15am by John and Aimee Good.

Hello! Welcome to The Good Farm! We are so glad that you have signed up to be on our wait list/mailing list. We look forward to meeting you in person, but for now, we would like to "e-greet" you!

We are John and Aimee Good. We have been growing organic produce and offering CSA shares for 16 years. Our journey began in Chester County, but we spent the last 11 years at The Rodale Institute (as Quiet Creek Farm), and 2017 marked our first season on our home farm in Germansville (The Good Farm).

This past year, our first season on the farm, was a great success, with some of the best crops we have ever raised, including super sweet melons, luscious sweet corn, and a bumper crop of tomatoes!

We are super excited to share the benefits of CSA membership with you! Because you signed up for our wait list/mailing list, you get first dibs on CSA signups for the 2018 season, before we advertise to the general public.

So, why do I believe CSA is the best possible way to get delicious farm-fresh produce?

Before I began farming, I did not like melons. I ate broccoli because it was good for me, and I thought all carrots just grew straight!

After my first season working on a CSA farm in Massachusetts (back in 2000), I made some discoveries:

Vegetables are actually delicious when they are picked fresh from a farm with healthy soils! Broccoli is really kind of sweet, carrots can grow all kinds of twisted ways and they are crazy sweet, and I LOVE melons! (I am have to say that a real melon is so far from the bland orange cubes you find in "fruit salad" that it is almost criminal to call that stuff melon.)

So, from the first taste you might say, I fell in love with farming. John fell for organic farming during college, with a strong desire to steward the environment in a meaningful, practical way. So we began our farming journey together in 2002.

And now we are excited to welcome you to the journey. To share with you the delights of truly delicious food, that makes you want to eat more vegetables, that makes your body feel good. Eating from a local organic farm gives you peace of mind,  knowing you are helping to nurture the soil, not harming the wildlife and waters with chemical input runoff, and reducing the distance traveled from the farmer to the eater. When you know your farmer, you can trust your food.

So thank you for wanting to get to know us. I enjoyed introducing ourselves to you today and hope to meet you in person soon.

If you want to read more about the farm, check out our website at www.goodfarmcsa.com.

If you are ready to Sign Up Now for the 2018 season, just click on the link.

Thank you!

-Aimee Good

P.S. We will contact you again in a few days, to fill you in on the nitty gritty details of CSA membership.

Thanks again!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

The Good Farm


8112 Church Road

Germansville PA 18053


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The Good Farm is a certified organic farm raising vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs for over 200 "farm share" members. Farmers John and Aimee Good specialize in providing the best quality and most flavorful varieties of the vegetables you love to eat- the staples! We have happy members - over 70% return every year!


Our customers say they eat healthier, feel better, save money, become inspired cooks, and even lose weight by joining the farm. Experience the joy of putting a delicious meal on the table by your own two hands. It's easy when the ingredients are this fresh and this good.


Support a type of farm that you can believe in; the kind you imagined as a child; where people pick the produce by hand, the soils are thriving, and the fields are full of life.


Become a CSA member today, it's the gift to yourself that keeps giving back! 

"Because The Good Farm makes you feel GOOD!"

8112 Church Rd.
Germansville, PA 18053
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