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Happy Earth Day! Celebrate organic farming!

Posted 4/20/2018 8:42am by John and Aimee Good.

Earth Day is today! And every day. 

The earth is the best home, and the only home, we’ve got. So we better take care of it!  

We are doing our best to improve the land and the soils here on our 18 acres. There is a lot of life sharing this space with us. Last season we saw baby grey tree frogs in the fields, as well as cecropia moths, luna moths, bats, foxes, hawks, bluebirds, killdeer, and many more creatures.

This spring John observed salamander larvae in the vernal pool in the woods, just at the edge of the lower fields, and we have heard spring peeper frogs, as well as toads singing nearby.  

Everything we do on the farm affects all the life sharing the land with us, not to mention the life in the soil. Underneath our feet millions of microbes, earthworms, nematodes and insects and others are at work; decomposing and creating organic matter, recycling nutrients, converting nutrients into usable forms for plants, aerating the soil and more.

 The soils on an organic farm are active and alive, and they are doing amazing things to help the planet. Organic soils can pull carbon out of the atmosphere, acting as a carbon sink, rather than a carbon source. According to the Rodale Institute’s research, “soil under organic agriculture management can accumulate about 1000 pounds of carbon per acre foot of soil each year”.  

Healthy soils can hold more water, reducing runoff and increasing filtration. For every 1% increase in soil organic matter, which is basically of measure of the microbial activity of the soil, the soil can hold 20,000 gallons more water per acre. That is pretty amazing. 

At the Good Farm we are constantly working to improve our soils. We use our land lightly, planting only one vegetable crop in a field per year, and planting cover crops (grasses, grains, and legumes) when the field is not in vegetable production, to protect the soil from erosion and to feed the soil microbes and increase organic matter.

We till using a spader, which maintains the soil layers rather than inverting them, and requires only one pass to go from covered ground to seedbed, reducing the amount of tillage needed overall.

Every year we apply compost to all the fields, to increase fertility and organic matter. We are growing healthy soils, and healthy soils grow nutrient-dense vegetables, which taste better and make us feel better, stronger, and more alive. Our bodies know what we need!

And when we work with nature, it is better for us all.  

We are proud to be organic farmers, working with nature.  

Thank you for supporting this good work! Happy Earth Day!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

The Good Farm


8112 Church Road

Germansville PA 18053


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