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CSA Renewal for 2018

Posted 10/30/2017 3:53pm by John and Aimee Good.

2018 Renewals 


Autumn is the time that we begin to put the farm to bed and plan for the upcoming season, including removing mulch and trellises, planting cover crops and garlic, mulching berries, and planning the crop rotation. It is also a time when we are thinking about how to improve the CSA season for the coming year. 

We are very excited about the bounty of the 2017 season! With the move to the new farm, we are extremely happy with the farm’s vegetable production this year. The yields on many crops were excellent, and the quality of the vegetables was better than we could have hoped, including flavor and size. Several members actually commented that the vegetables tasted better than ever this year! The amounts that each member received this year were higher than average, because the crops produced so well.  

We track the weekly shares for our records. This year, we compiled a CSA/Market comparison, with retail prices averaged from Wegmans and a local producer-only Farmers Market for certified organic produce. At this point in the season, the Small shares have received about $750 worth of produce, an average of $36/week, while the regular shares have received about $1100 worth of produce, an average of $55/week. These amounts were calculated just from the produce in the barn or in the boxes. The Upick garden produce is not figured into these numbers. All members have already received well over the investment put into the shares, at $27/week for the small share, and $36/week for the regular.  

We were amazed to put into numbers the real bounty that the farm has produced this year for 200 CSA members. We hope you have enjoyed it, and are excited for next year!  


We plan to adjust the production schedule so as to provide even more diverse shares, and to try to avoid a burdensome surplus of certain crops, such as eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes, that occurs occasionally throughout the season. We will be soliciting member input in the coming weeks.  

It is our goal to extend the CSA season next year, continuing CSA pickup to the week before Thanksgiving, as this is the traditional time to celebrate the harvest! For years we have heard from members that they are always sad to see the season end. We will do our best to extend our production into the fall and hopefully the winter as well, as we increase our season extension capabilities.  

We received a grant from the USDA to put up another high tunnel for next season. We LOVE the tomato production we get from the high tunnel (tomatoes from July - October!) and would like to do more tomatoes, as well as long, trellised European cucumbers and more season extension, including lettuce and leafy greens.  

We hope to incorporate a 1 week CSA break, likely in mid-October, so as not to affect production, to give the farm family a much-needed rest and chance for some time away. No shares will be distributed that week. As we get older and continue farming full-time, we realize our bodies need some time for rest and recuperation to go the long haul. Because even when CSA share season ends, the field work continues for another month, and then begins again in the greenhouse in mid-February.  


As this season draws to a close, now is a great time to renew your membership for next year. Rather than wait until the middle of winter, why not secure your spot now, while the CSA season is still on your mind. Renewing your membership now also really helps us in several ways. Your membership support helps us to plan for the 2018 growing season, and it helps to cover the many expenses we incur throughout the winter; including purchasing seeds, potting soil, and supplies; heating the greenhouse, maintaining and repairing the farm equipment, as well as the standard business expenses of accounting, taxes, insurance, etc.  

We have not raised our prices for several years. This year we will be raising the total CSA price for the season, but the weekly share price will not change as we are extending the season. The Small share for 2018 is $625 ($27/week) and the regular share is $$840 ($36/week). As always, members are welcome to split shares with another family, friend or neighbor.   We hope you have enjoyed this season and are ready and excited to sign on for another!  

You can now sign up online as a returning member. A 20% deposit is all that is required to hold your spot for next year. You can also use the paper forms in the barn at CSA pickup this week. We will be taking 2017 member renewals for vegetable shares only at this time. Extra shares can be added in the new year. All current members have the first opportunity to renew. Your spot will be held until the end of 2017. After that time, we open membership to the public. Reserve your share today, and ensure another great season of produce with The Good Farm CSA!

Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

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