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CSA Pickup Information and Instructions

Posted 5/19/2015 1:20pm by John and Aimee Good.

Welcome new and returning members to our 2015 season. This is Quiet Creek Farm’s 10th year and we are pleased that a fair number of you have been with us since the beginning. A lot of you have been with us for the last five years.  After the long winter we endured, the start of CSA pick-up is probably more eagerly anticipated than usual.  We had a long wait this spring for the fields to be free of snow in order to prepare for planting. But despite the late start, the crops are growing well. We are quite grateful for the recent showers, as May was an unusually dry, windy, and hot month, which is difficult in planting season. We hope to see a nice jump in the crops' growth now. Although we have been irrigating throughout May, it is more beneficial and effective when nature provides the water.

We would like to give you a brief introduction or review of the CSA pickup routine. Pick-up is at the large red and stone barn which sits close to Siegfriedale Road at the Rodale Institute. There is a Quiet Creek Farm sign in front of the barn. The double barn doors facing the road will open at 1 PM. Opening time is often very busy, so if you can come a bit later you’ll have less of a wait. Closing time is 7 PM. Please arrive by 6:45pm to allow time to select your share.

Parking is across the road from the barn in the meadow to the right of the gravel farm road. There is limited parking at the side of the barn to be used only by those with mobility issues or those with a sleeping child in the car. Please enter the barn through the double doors (even if you parked at the side) and check off your name at the table to your left.

Vegetable selection is self-serve. Each veggie will be in a bin or basket with a tag in front telling you how much you get according to your share size. Please bring with you one or two bags in which to carry home your veggies. Later in the season you will need 3-4 bags. We strongly encourage you to bring cloth tote bags, baskets or coolers to transport your share. For  As a back-up, I suggest you put some plastic store bags in all of the cars you may drive to the farm. That will cover you on the days that you forget your bags. There is also a bin of recycled plastic bags in the barn for members to "bring some, take some" as needed.

If you prefer to bag all your veggies separately, please bring enough bags to do so. For our salad mixes and other tender greens, we recommend re-usable produce bags. These can be washed and re-used many times. They are great for transport and storage in the crisper drawer of the fridge. I like the Simple Ecology, Ecobags, or Flip & Tumble, but there are many kinds out there! Also, saving and re-using the plastic containers in which salad mixes are sold in stores is a good method to transport tender greens.

For the U-pick garden, we provide pint and quart containers to measure your berries and produce, but we ask that you transfer to your own container to take home. Measuring containers should be returned to the barn for others to use. Please bring a pair of scissors to cut U-Pick herbs and flowers (we have loaners if you forget). Once the flowers are ready, you will need some sort of container to carry them home with a drink of water. Initially, when the harvest is just a few stems a cut off water bottle does well.

Fruit, chicken, cheese, bread, mushrooms, and pizza shares are all self-serve. Each will require checking off your name on a list. The chicken and pizzas are frozen, so please bring an appropriate carrier.

CSA members are also able to purchase locally raised goods in the barn, including pasture-raised eggs & meats, Wild Alaskan salmon, honey,  and all natural dairy products such as yogurt, greek yogurt, kefir, cheese spreads, ricotta & mozzarella cheese, and aged hard cheeses. All these items are self-serve. We accept cash or checks, but not credit cards.

The U-Pick items available for picking and their amounts are listed on the whiteboard above the cash register. For those of you who want to pick before we open, another whiteboard near the stairs at the side of the barn will list the same information. The listing will be there by 12PM on pick-up days. One of our farm crew members will periodically come through the U-Pick to answer any questions or help with identification. If you are unable to enjoy the U-Pick garden on your pick-up day, you can come back any time except Sunday mornings to get your weekly share. The amounts will still be listed on the outside whiteboard.

Please read the Vacation and Missed PIckup Policy below. We recommend that you print this page and keep it for future reference. New this year - members can schedule their Vacation pickups and Pick-up day switches online. Read more below . . .

We look forward to seeing you the first week of June and every week until November. See you soon with a smile on our faces!

Farmers: John and Aimee Good

Farm helpers: Heidi Cooper, Kay Good

Farm crew: Michelle Kenstler, David Hopkins, and Catrina & David Archambault


  Vacation/Missed Pick-up Policy

Farm members have several options for vacations and missed pick-ups. They are as follows:

1) At any time, you may have a friend or neighbor pick up your share for you on your regular pickup day. Please have them check in when they come to the barn.

2) At any time, you may switch to the other pickup day of that week, but we do ask that the switch be scheduled in advance of your normal pickup day. Please schedule in the barn the week before your switch, send an email to farmers@quietcreekfarmcsa.com, or login to your member account online, http://www.goodfarmcsa.com/members/scheduleactions.

3) You may have ONE scheduled double pickup per season, either the week before or the week after your vacation. Double pickups MUST be scheduled one week in advance.

4) In the event of an unplanned missed pickup due to an emergency, you may use your one double pickup the following week. Please schedule your double pickup as soon as possible after missed pickup.

5) If you miss a pickup for any other reason, you simply forfeit that week.

Your farmers,


John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

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