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Annual Member Survey Results & 2018 Season Plans!

Posted 1/9/2018 3:05pm by John and Aimee Good.

Happy Winter! Well we certainly have had a lot of cold days thus far.  We are hopeful that this intense cold spell will help to reduce the pest pressure in the coming season.
It is a good time of year for creative thinking and planning indoors, which has kept us busy!
(John took this neat picture of the farm on a recent snow day - the light is so blue!
  • We received a federal grant to install a new high tunnel. We are working on the plans for this project and hope to erect the structure in the spring. We will likely put the grafted tomatoes in this newer, bigger tunnel and try fancy greenhouse cucumbers in the old tunnel.
  • We are in the process of applying for a matching-funds grant to install solar panels on the barn to provide part of the power to run the walk-in coolers in the barn. We may be hosting a solar installers certification class in the springtime. More information to come!
Thank you for the wonderful response! About half of all CSA members completed the year-end survey. Here is a brief recap of the results which may interest you:

Vegetable Top 10 Favorites

1) Salad Mix

2) Sweet Corn

3) Spinach

4) Broccoli

5) Red tomatoes

6) Sweet potato

7) Garlic

8) Gold potatoes

9) Zucchini

10) Cucumbers

*There were far fewer votes for least favorites, than favorites, so I am happy to say that you all love your vegetables!


Vegetable 5 Least Favorite

1) Turnips

2) Celeriac

3) Eggplant

4) Radishes

5) Bok Choy

67% prefer the current style of general farm share.
20% are interested in the opportunity to add-on extra veggies as needed, and 20% are also interested in a "Coffee Share".
Quality & Freshness of Vegetables, and Local were the most important factors in the decision to renew membership, followed by "Abundance & Variety", "Knowing Your Farmer", "Certified Organic", "Price", and "Healthy Diet".



We will be continuing to offer the "farm share" with the abundance and variety that you expect. We do hope to add some new varieties to the mix, and also to try to increase the offerings on the weekly choice table as well.

There are always some vegetables that show up on both the favorite and least favorite list, such as arugula, beets, turnips, kale, etc. We realize that the best way to please everyone is to include these items as choices as often as is possible. Of course, due to the nature of vegetable production, we do at times have to harvest the crop for all members. We hope that you will use these times to try to expand your horizons and prepare that vegetable that is not your favorite in a new way which may be more palatable to you and your family. 

We really appreciate your responses and comments. They are helping us as we create the crop plan for 2018. After all, we are growing for you!!!


2018 Season Sign-up!

If you have not yet signed up for the 2018 season, now is the time to do so!

Just head over to our Sign Up Now! page and enter your email address to login as a returning member. All your member information from 2017 will be stored for you and you can update as needed and complete your checkout.

If you cannot recall whether you renewed or made your down payment yet, you can check your membership status for 2018 here.    Membership Status Update.

We are still in the process of confirming certain "Extra Shares" so only Fruit Shares are available for sign-up or adding-on at this point in time. However those can always be added prior to the start of the season, by Updating your Membership. All members will receive notification as "Extra Shares" become available.

We have updated our website to reduce clutter and simplify, and to make it easier for members to find what they need. Feel free to check out the new pictures and content on the site at goodfarmcsa.com.  We appreciate any feedback!


Thanks again for your continued support!

Renewing your membership in the winter helps us to procure the seeds and supplies necessary to begin the farming season. We will be seeding the first onions in the greenhouse next month!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

The Good Farm


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