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Harvest Update September 26th

Posted 9/26/2016 2:31pm by John and Aimee Good.


 Hakurei turnips


Summer Squash and/or zucchini

Colored & green peppers

Salad mix



Red Onions

Choice: Tomatoes, Radishes, Eggplant

COMING SOON: Bok choy, butternut squash

UPICK at the farm: Cut flowers, Hot peppers, cherry/grape/paste tomatoes, Flowers, and Herbs: cilantro,dill & parsley

COOPERATIVE SHARES: Mushrooms - shiitake & pioppino this week. Cheese, bread, & fruit shares this week!

FARM NEWS: More cool season crops returning with the Hakurei turnips this week! They can be sliced or grated raw for salad. My favorite way to eat them is roasted in the oven or browned in butter in a cast iron pan. They are juicy and almost sweet when cooked this way!

Bok choy is on the way, as well as carrots and beets. Lots of broccoli in store this fall, as well as a nice harvest of butternut squash, that is currently curing in the greenhouse.

The weather has shifted this week. It actually feels like fall, and there is some potential rain in the forecast. As the soils are dry, we are hopeful for more rains. Sadly, the cooler weather will bring on the end of the tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. This has been a record year for zucchini. We never had a boatload at one time, but it was in the harvest every week from early June until the end of September!

Enjoy the last week of September!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

Quiet Creek Farm

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